2016 Tiffin Allegra open Road 34 PA

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2016 Tiffin Allegra open Road 34 PA

Burgundy and cream with black and vanilla bean in leather interior and white porcelain square individual flooring with replacement tiles. large chassis, V 10, 2485 original miles. Garage in our 50 foot garage plugged in to trickle batteries only used twice once when purchased June 30, 2016 for two weeks then not till July 2017 when we took our trip to Michigan and back to Nebraska on job related business trip. Recently had 130 point check on every system on the camper and everything checked out perfectly from tires all the way up to the top of the air conditioners. We replaced the in-home house whole house water filtration system filter we replaced the refrigerator water filter as well replaced the hot rod solenoid for the hot water heater at that time we had the filters blown out and cleaned and rinsed and put back into the air conditioners we had the first oil change done early on the 7K generator we had the tow assist checked to make sure that it’s holding correctly we all systems were or a girl I have that documentation from Leachs Camper Sales of Lincoln Nebraska. We purchased it June 30, 2016 paid cash 189,000 with the options that we added we added every option except the drivers door so from top to bottom I’ll start with what’s on the coach. On the top we have 215 K air conditioners one with a heat pump we have in motion satellite system we have of course Sirius XM radio we have the other digital TV antenna and two exhaust fans top of the line for Tiffin. Luggage rack at the top of the ladder. We have a tow assembly for towing a vehicle we have an Aladdin to tow assembly kit still in the box never used the Tiffany’s never towed anything I was told to wait till 5000 miles and we’re only halfway there so we never told anything yet to conserve the motor and everything else to do with the chassis. We had the nice Tiffany mud the app it has a sevenK generator as I mentioned above it has outside entertainment with a 32 inch LED TV never been used. inside front to monitors one is GPS Internet Sirius radio radio and TV monitor second one is GPS and right camera left camera and reversed camera with voice for backup camera. 42 inch front TV in the cab above drop riders recliner is electric with foot rest med cab is L shaped leather sofa with full size queen regular mattress with a 42 inch TV and fireplace fireplace was not an option in 2016 we got approval from Tiffin to have it put in at Leachs Camper Sales we have a leather booth dinette across from that. In the kitchen it’s a nice large kitchen it has a convection microwave large it has gas top three burners no oven it has a three door residential reefer with icemaker it has a washer and dryer in the bathroom used twice the convection microwave has never been used other than to warm up something. The shower has never been used in the bedroom we have a king which is an upgrade supreme memory bed and a 32 inch TV and DVD player and command center for the in motion satellite system which is never been used or the DVD player. there’s a fan above the bed. If you look at the brochure from 2016 you’ll see that we have every option except the drivers door so if you have any questions and give me a call or email thank you To update… When we got the motorhome out of our 50 foot garage last year to go parrot for camping we were coming home and on the single highway in town the trees were overlapping the highway they hadn’t trim them yet so one of them scratched our awning shield and our awning toward a little bit so we said we wanted to take it and get a new awning so we went to Stephensons truck repair and we ordered a new dramatic awning to replace it. However after they ordered it when they found out from Domenech that they had been closed down during the whole pandemic and hadn’t restarted yet and now it’s been a year later and I have still gotten no awning and it’s still been on order back order and no sign for that it’s coming anytime soon so the only option would be to go to a Solara or a California Cal Colorado awning which is around $2000 installed 19 foot black to match the four black slide toppers that we have on the camper. The dealership threw away all of the parts before they or found out that the medic wasn’t going to be able to replace it immediately however they sealed the holes from the brackets so it looks nice on the camper and it’s ready to be put on at anytime as I stated from a trailer or any camping dealership you could get a $2000 camper but after talking with people that were interested in our motorhome people would rather buy their own awning and do that so I didn’t replace the $2000 one unless case that’s not adequate enough for some people price is representing this reason thank you if you have any questions my number is above an address thank you have a great day!

I will also be adding a Aladdin two collapsible stay on the camper towing assembly hitch with bag still in the box brand new never used for the highest bid closest to our bed.

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