Terms of Service & Refund Policy

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We are grateful for your use of our Services (“Services”) FSBO Auction Online provides the Services.

These terms are part of the agreement you make when you use our services.

Our Principles

FSBO Auction Online is an online marketplace for classifieds. This is done by taking your information and listing it on our site and our network of affiliates or partner sites. You may also have your information shared with parties who are interested in the item you are selling. Your item may be rejected by our partners if it is not complete. We will not place your listing on any other sites than those that are relevant to you. FSBO Auction Online will notify our affiliates if the information has been changed or the item is sold. FSBO Auction Online won’t charge additional fees for its services. We will remove your listing from our affiliate sites and network as soon as it is sold. We don’t promote old ads. We will do our best to ensure that your listing is current and accurate on the relevant sites. FSBO Auction Online does not provide these services. However, we do offer third-party services such as financing, transport, insurance, inspections, warranties, and transportation. All items can be purchased by private parties. After the sale is completed, FSBO Auction Online doesn’t collect money from sellers or buyers. All arrangements must be made by the seller and buyer, and/or their designated financial institution. All taxes and registrations in the state where the buyer resides are their responsibility. Buyers will also be responsible for any costs pertaining to shipping/transportation, travel and fuel costs associated with taking possession of the item.


This Agreement sets out the legally binding terms for the service(s), you are receiving. FSBO Auction Online may modify this agreement from time to time. Any modifications will be effective when posted by FSBO Auction Online to the website. You accept this agreement by accessing the website and becoming a customer.


Although we cannot guarantee your listing’s success, we will do our best to promote your item using the information you provide. The speed at which your item sells will depend on many factors, including the price, location and condition. FSBO Auction Online makes no claims to be able to find a buyer for an item. It also does not guarantee or warrant the sale of an item in a certain timeframe.

Cancellation; Termination

FSBO Auction Online is the best place to cancel advertising services. Email cancellations and any other methods of cancellation are invalid. Within 48 hours after receipt of your request, cancellations of advertising services will be made. FSBO Auction Online cannot issue refunds after you cancel your Advertising service(s).

Non-Refundable Setup Fees and Other Fees

FSBO Auction Online charges customers a non-refundable setup charge. This fee may vary depending on the Advertising Services purchased. Your payment is received and our services start immediately. We will bill the credit or debit card you provide, as well as your charge card and/or charge card. Your listing will be created within 72 hours after payment is received. However, most listings are created in 24 hours. FSBO Auction Online is unable to control the buyer’s conduct or market conditions. FSBO Auction Online makes no guarantee as to whether or not an item will sell. FSBO Auction Online has a no refund policy. We will market your item until it is sold, or until you request that we remove your item due to extenuating circumstances. FSBO Auction Online will issue a full refund within 24hrs of payment. However, cancellations will incur an administrative fee to place your listing.


FSBO Auction Online has the right to copy, modify and distribute your ad(s), in connection with FSBO Auction Online services. FSBO Auction Online customers agree not to divulge to any other party any non-public technical or business information, including the terms of this agreement.